Matt's Photos -- 734th Aircraft Control & Warning Squadron
Site Y3, Djenane Krater, Morocco

"American Bar" Cafe in Oujda where we waited for Truck to take us back to Site
From between Enlisted Barracks
Off Limit Card issued to "Scope Dopes" and other Airmen asigned to Keesler AFB in the 1950's.
Off Limit Swimming Card issued at Keesler AFB in the 1950's.

Inside Enlisted Barracks
Site 3 photo from afar (Flight Line)
Enlisted Barracks
Catholic Church in Oujda built by the French
Airmen with small Xmas Tree in Barracks

John, the next 10 pictures are of a crew of local Arabs that we used to dig some of the rain trenches and perform other labor around the site. We paid each of them one hundred francs, which I believe came to about.24,.25 cents U.S.and one empty 50 gallon drum. In one of the pics you can see them going over the barrels to get the best ones they could find.They would cut the top and bottoms off and then split the barrels down the seam. When they had a few, they would use them for the roofs on their huts. They would also pound some of the tops down to till it got a shape like a Chinese wok and then they would use it as a cooking utensil, other tops were left flat and used as a cooktop over a wood fire to bake some of their bread and meals. In some of them you can see where they lived ....Moroccan Suburbs     Matt

Digging Trenches 1
Digging Trenches 2
Digging Trenches 3
Digging Trenches 4
Digging Trenches 5
Digging Trenches 6
Digging Trenches 7
Digging Trenches 8
Digging Trenches 9
Digging Trenches 10

John the camels in the next four photos were part of a caravan that came to the site to get water from us. As I remember this caravan stretched for miles across the far horizon and it took this crew quite a while to reach our site. This was the only large, very large, caravan that we saw in years...Matt
Caravan photo #1
Caravan photo #2
Caravan photo #3
Caravan photo #4

Y3 Transportation #1
Y3 Transportation #2
2001 Photo of John Hawley and wife MaryAnn
Recent photo of Matt and his wife Nancy
Looking toward the Site 3 Main Gate

Looking from the Main Gate
Sign at Entrance to restricted area - 1956
Site Y3 Morocco - 1956
Matt standing next to sign to restricted area
Matt sitting on wall in front of NCO Club

Water Hole at Berguent (Approx 1/2 between Oujda and Site 3)
NCO Club - 1956
Sign on Top of NCO Club - 1956
Water Tower
3 early Site Y3 photos

Radar and Communication Huts - 1956   In this attached photo is the radar area..not shown in this pic but attached and behind the radar hut was a smaller hut about 1/4 size of the radar &comm huts.It was the "breakroom" for the crews. In the middle of the room was a small oil stove in a raisedbox filled with sand..(what else). A hose ran across the floor to a 50 gal drum out side that contained the fuel oil. The damn thing was notorious for overheating and starting small fires in the sand pit and was well documented by all crew chiefs in the master log book. I can't recall the exact date but I know it was a Sunday and I was the crew chief on duty..we went to work at 7:30 AM of the crew went to the back and started a fire in the stove and then came into the radar room. apparently he didn't check the fuel valve, he thought it was on low but wasn't sure, because the fire got out of control and started the back canvas on fire. The canvas on these huts was dry rotted after years in the desert sun and as a result by 8:15am the radar & com center were burned to the ground. We lost all communications with our other sites and they thought we had been attacked and overrun due to the conditions in Morocco at that time. We ended up operating out of a two or three man trailer for a while and later moved in to the permanent ops.There was a General Investigation from the states (I Believe) but they came to the conclusion that it was an accident due to a faulty oil stove that had been written up almost daily that caused the fire. Funny incident..our one fire truck got to the fire after it was over but when they went to water the ashes water in the truck!   (Matt)

A2c Welch (A.P. Clerk) - 1Lt Pugh (Controller)
Jackson (Arab KP) & A1C Pace (Mess Hall) - A2C Miekle (Motor Pool)
1LT Raycich (Adjutant) - 1LT Lief (Controller)
SSgt Sangster (Chief Clerk) - Capt Carl (O&T Officer)
A1C Smith (Motor Pool) - A2C Lopez (Supply)

A1C Ebert (Mess Hall) - A2C Ali (Mess Hall)
TSgt Upsham (Supply) - A1C Sanchez (Personnel)

TSgt Steinmuller & TSgt Adams (Medics) - SSgt Schibock & A1C Farley (Supply)
A1C "Pop" Ashenbanner (Motor Pool) - A3C Browning, A2C Messer, & A2C Schmidel (Orderly Room)
A3C Lynn & A1C Gibson (NCO Club) - Unknown, A3C Dingess, A3C Arpman, A3C McCormic, & A3C Amburay (NCO Club)
Site Y3 Chow Hall - Site Y3 Power Station
Matt and Nancy's Dog - Buddy, recently passed away - In memory!

Photo's submitted by Matt from slides found 1/21/2005


Matt on Donkey

Firing Practice

Firing Practice 2

Irringation Water Wheel

Not Sure About this Photo

Radar Height Finder

Site 3 from Afar

Waiting for Bus back to Site 3


Water Tank

Water Tower

Cleaning Weapons After Practice Firing


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